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Mount Everest South Side

Mt Everest. The tallest mountain in the world pierces the jet stream almost five and a half miles into the sky with its iconic summit. Setting out on an Everest expedition is a serious endeavor and deserves all of the personal support and guidance that Janet Belarmino and her team offers.

Why climb with us?

Safety is our number one priority.

The summit bid will be led by Janet from base camp giving her the necessary clarity of vision for monitoring and keeping the climbing team safe at all times. Every aspect of your safety will be monitored- The weather, your progress, your energy levels, your physical and mental state and your oxygen contingency plan in relation to your position on the mountain. Janet is involved in every step of the planning, preparation, and packing of the expedition.

We focus on small groups for better management.

All our Sherpas are the best professional on the mountain, each who has been on the summit 7 to 12 times. Our Sherpa to client ratio is 1:1 giving you the best on-mountain support, providing safety while increasing your chances to the summit and back. Sherpas are the backbone of the expedition; hauling provisions and gear up and down the mountain. Your personal Sherpa works with you every step of the way.

Our supplemental oxygen systems are the lightest available, weighing in at 7lbs. We provide 5 bottles per client, more oxygen that any other guided service. We have a well planned oxygen contingency which dramatically improves a climber's chance of success.

We go the extra mile to provide comfort at base and on the mountain. At base camp we provide heated tents, hot showers, private toilets, individual sleeping tents, full-time cooks with an excellent diverse menu in international cuisine. Our attention to food is based on comfort and providing you with a large amount of calories keeping you strong and healthy, improving your performance and helping you feel more at home. As well, there is always food and drinks available between the three great meals and a large selection of entertainment and games.

On the mountain we have dedicated cooks who provide all your meals throughout the entire expedition.

Our expedition works with the Everest Base Camp Medical Center- All visits are free and the entire team of climbers, guides and Sherpa has unlimited access to the Clinic and consultation with their full-time doctors. In addition Janet the expedition leader- is a certified EMT with firsthand experience on previous Everest Expeditions. Medical care is ONLY up to C2. Beyond C2, you can just consult via radio from the doctor in BC. You can carry some personal medicines with you for C2 and above. We will provide color coded pills and medicine as your stash during the summit bid. Throughout the entire expedition we provide an extensive medical kit and continual consultation via Bagan with our own team doctor who has worked with us on previous Everest Expeditions.

We provide up-to-date weather forecasting every 6 hours to keep us current with the latest trends and developments in weather patterns throughout the expedition.

We have the latest in mountaineering communications. All our climbers, guides and Sherpas are outfitted with personal radios. Thuraya Sat phone will be provided for the group. The bigger the group is, the more sat phones will be provided to accommodate the needs of the members. At base camp we have a dedicated communications tent which provides access to phone, email, and satellite communications which allows you to keep in touch with friends, family and business. 3G and4G cell phones can now be used at base camp for cell phone and smart phone communication with recharging facility that allows you to recharge your personal electronic devices.  Each day we post expedition updates to our blog, including photos and audio dispatches, to help keep friends, family, and general followers up-to-date with the latest progress of the climb.

Our expeditions are flexible and team centered, tailoring our climb to the needs of our climbers and the conditions of the mountain.

Price: $45,000 usd per person

This includes:              

1.      Climbing permit cost

2.      5 oxygen bottles (four liters each) with top latest version mask and regulators

3.    Long range radios walkie-talkies for each Sherpa and climbing member which you can use up to the summit with clear connection from and back from its base station in Base Camp.

4.      5 ***** hotel in Kathmandu

5.       Internal airfare for all members and staff

6.      Air cargo from Kathmandu to Lukla , porters from Lukla to BC A/R Everest

7.      One climbing Sherpa support for each member

8.      Equipment allowance and salary for all Nepali staff

9.      Load bonus for the sherpas from BC to C4

10.  V2 North Face tents for every member

11.   3 mattress with pillow

12.  All EP/cooking gas

13.   Gamo bag for whole trip

14.   All lodging and food during trek with our professional Sherpa
guide team

15.  All trekking permits

16.  City tour in Kathmandu

17.  Welcome and successful farewell dinners

18.  Everest summit certificates

19.  All ground transportations

20.  Sat phone for the group

Cost does not include:

Only Everest Summit bonus and tips !

Booking Procedure

  • Please send an email requesting for application tp the Everest 2015 expedition to: belarminoventures@gmail.com (once received we will send you an application form)
  • Complete your Application Form with passport, CV, photo and request for Everest South Side Expedition 2015
  • Upon acceptance, Belarmino Ventures will send you an Invoice with payment details along with: An Agreement Form, Medical Information, Terms and Conditions and Equipment List. The deposit needs to be received within 30 days in order to reserve a position on for Everest South Side Expedition 2015
  • Bookings more than 120 days prior to departure require deposit.
  • Bookings more than 60 days but less than 120 days prior to departure require deposit, plus first payment.
  • Bookings less than 60 days require full payment.
  • Please read the information thoroughly, and get in touch if there is any further information which we can provide
  • Complete Agreement Form and return at the same time as deposit payment.
  • Complete and return Information Form no later than 120 days prior to departure.
  • Complete and return Medical Information no later than 120 days prior to departure.
  • Read and understand the Terms and Conditions.
  • Read and understand the Equipment List and make sure that you have this suggested equipment.
  • Belarmino Venture will send General Instructions for arrival in Kathmandu.

Mount Everest Summit Expedition

Everest South Side 8848m
Dates: 29 March – 07 June 2016 (71 Days)
Price: $45,000usd

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