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Expeditions are our lifestyle. At Belarmino Ventures we continually test gear. We depend on clothing and equipment for success and survival on our adventures, gears that maximize our ability to survive and succeed in the most severe weather conditions.

The apparel and gear you see here has been on extended expeditions to find out how the products perform under the true test of the great outdoors.

We are dedicated to providing you the most professional, objective, and helpful advice about all the gear we test. (and how you should use it).

                                                                                                    ------ Janet Belarmino

Cushe-Tammerack WP as worn by Janet Belarmino.

I've found them to be very comfortable and super-stable, yet lightweight. These boots are highly "walker friendly". They are not stiff and there was no break in needed. They were perfect for my Everest Base Camp trek.They are suitable for long heavy treks- heavy, light, and rocky and most types of terrain, although not stiff enough for crampons or technical hiking.I must have 100 miles on my current pair without any problems. I recommend the Cushe boot for anyone looking for some super comfy boots- from kicking it on the streets, to long serious treks in the Himalayas.

Review by -Todd Forney

Lagalag as worn by Janet Belarmino.

During my 17 day expedition to Everest  Base Camp I wore Lagalag for the duration of the trip. I found it to be light comfortable and breathable with a simple but stylish design. Just what I like, simply because it had less of everything. To my mind, pockets, zips, extra fabric and styling statements are a waste of time, weight and money. Keep it simple!

Review by -Todd Forney

The moment we availed of Acuity service, the team was efficient and prompt in responding to us and giving resolutions to our scheduling requirements. Andra, one of the team members, whom we were corresponding with, was very personal and professional in dealing with us and is always friendly and very accommodating. We have tried other software's as well but by far, Acuity is easier to understand and use, thus, we find Acuity more efficient and applicable.

Habagat-Wraptor S7 as worn by Janet Belarmino.

 I found the Wraptor S7 supremely comfortable, light and easy to pack. The removable stand-alone hydropack is an excellent feature that I have used quite often on summit day. I now have used this pack as my day pack of the 17 day trek to Everest base camp, a 6 month sailing voyage from Langkawi across the top of Borneo and up the West Coast of Palawan, and weekly expeditions on the waters of Northern Palawan. After one year of continual expedition the Wraptor S7 is still my number one day pack. So if you like to go fast and light like I do, then the Wraptor S7 may be the best pack for you.

Review by -Todd Forney

Apexus HALCON YJ 3 season tent- tested  By Janet Belarmino

The Apexus HALCON YJ tent offers campers and backpackers an exceptional bang for the buck. This tent is fast and easy to set up and it packs the comfort of two doors and one vestibule into a relatively small package. Many other tents are similarly inexpensive, but few offer the Apexus design, although I found the poles less durable than I prefer.

Review by -Todd Forney

Headwear as worn by Janet Belarmino

Headwear is a very cool gear with any style to please your wildest genre. It can be used to warm, to cool, to stop sweat or to hold the hair back.It is a "Multifunction Headwear". I found it a necessity on my trip to Everest Base Camp.The relative humidity at high altitude is extraordinarily low, and almost invariably irritates the respiratory tract. The result is the infamous “Khumbu cough”, which can be serious enough to cause a person to cough hard enough to break a rib.

The best way to prevent it is to wear a mask that heats and moisturizes the air you breathe. A balaclava worn especially at night may be helpful.

Although it is not top gear like the ones produced by Finnish Olympic ski team with metallic net inserted in a lightweight plastic or cloth shell- it does help.

Review by -Todd Forney

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Janet Belarmino and Belarmino Ventures are one of the more cost-effective means to promote your brand to a large, educated audience. Our expeditions are all about national and community spirit, new technology, clean and green, teamwork and trust, solid and safe decision making in the face of adversity within an extreme environment. If these are the values that you would associate to your brand, then take a closer look.

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