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Paragliding in Coron, Palawan

Check out the video above to get a feel for paragliding over the islands of Palawan

Coron Palawan Paragliding Expeditions

Tandem paragliding flights in Coron Palawan are accessible to all ages, from 3 years. People who suffer from vertigo can be reassured immediately because since there is no link with the ground , dizziness is gone.

Paragliding , we  do not jump ! We Fly! The takeoff is trotting on a gentle slope , just 3 steps forward to raise the veil over our head , and accelerate gradually feel the paragliding drawn up from the land.  We meet many passengers a little " stressed " take-off and that is normal! it's not every day that one ascends into the air and up into in the sky! But as always, on landing, is a smile ear to  ear just erase the fear of taking off ! And every time we hear : " When can we fly again?

To date , thousands of people have discovered the magic and fun of flying in a paragliding , with a first flight tandem paragliding. Comfortably seated in the harness like a chair! Without restriction of age, tandem paragliding flight requires no special skill. Just the want to fly and be guided by your pilot. Once in the air, it only remains to see the beautiful Island of Coron and Palawan. However, if the heart tells you , during the flight, you can chat with the pilot to understand the games of the air mass and the operation of paragliding, and depending on the prevailing weather conditions, you can even control your the glider at times. . You just have to take a windbreaker , good shoes , sunglasses and your best smile ! See you in the air paragliding tandem with Belarmino Ventures and Ludo Massoc and see the beauty of the Islands from above

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