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Climbing Gear

Also, we would like to recover the gear needed and remind you that we help you buy and/or rent inexpensive gears. Please find your gear list below with an additional section on new and used prices.


Personal Climbing Gears:
- Ice axe
- Plastic double boots for mountaineering
- Crampons
- Harness
- Tape Slings (2)
- Carabiners (2 lock, 2 unlock)
- Figure of Eight

- Descender
- Ascender
- Helmet (optional)


Personal Clothing:


- A pair of woolen / fleece gloves
- A pair of insulated ski gloves


- trekking/hiking boots that supports your ankle with spare laces

- Light socks (2 pairs), cotton or thin woolen

- Thick socks (2 pairs), woolen

- Gaiters (protects your foot wears from fresh snow)
- Camp shoes (sneakers and/or sandals)


- Sun hat or scarf or both
- Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
- Sunglasses with UV protection
- Headlamp with spare bulbs and batteries (if not torch / flash light)


- T-shirts
- Light and expedition weight thermal tops
- Fleece jacket or pullover
- Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)
- Waterproof jacket / top (preferably with breathable fabric)
- Down jacket with hood

- Under Garments
- Hiking shorts or trouser that can be detached
- Lightweight cotton long pants
- Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
- Fleece or wool pants (seasonal)
- Waterproof trousers (preferably with breathable fabric)


Personal accessories:
- Sleeping bag with cotton and fleece liner (rated to -15 to -20 degree centigrade)
- Large plastic bags - to keep items dry inside rucksack or duffle bag.
- Daypack (approximate capacity 35 to 50 liters)
- Trekking Poles (serves well when trekking down hill).
- Water bottle with wide neck (2 pieces with 1 liter capacity) or camel bag.
- Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, paste, saving machine, nail clippers, lip balm etc.) & personal necessities.
- Small quick drying towel

- Ear Plug (would be useful; who knows some people in group snores)
- Sun screen lotion 30 SPF or higher

- Pee bottle (for night but make sure to empty it yourself the next morning)

- Basic First Aid Kit


- Digital camera or handy cam

- Route Map / Guide book
- Binoculars (optional)
- Music set with headphone (optional)
- Pocket sized notebook and pen (optional)

- Reading book (optional)

- Travel games (such as scrabble, playing cards, chess etc.)


Attention: We help you buy and rent inexpensive mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and walking gear, equipment, clothing, boots, shoes for sale, purchase and hire at affordable, cheap, low prices


We recommend that you shop carefully and frugally for your clothing and climbing equipment.

Kathmandu has a wide variety of inexpensive used and competitively priced equipment, boots, shoes, and clothing; In over 50 well-stocked mountaineering and trekking shops. We recommend you purchase your boots and crampons in Kathmandu, where a very wide selection is available for reasonable prices. Also, be sure to purchase your closed cell kari-mat foam mattresses in Kathmandu. Why bring duffle bags of foam mats on your international flight? If you need a pair of high altitude mitts, we don't recommend Kathmandu, but rather suggest you check out mittens by Wild Country or Outdoor Research (the OR Alti has been popular with our Cho Oyu, Everest, and Lhotse summitters).


Prices for hiring are the same as purchasing used equipment, seen below in Nepalese Rupees (Rs), at the lowest range of the used prices. $1 USD = 80 rupees (as of 15th March, 2012) we have found on most occasion prices are lower than suggested.


Down Jacket, size extra-large:

New Shonas: Rs. 4500 to 9500

New Everest Hardware: Rs. 5500 to 9000

Used Imported: Rs. 8000 to 15,000

New Imported: Rs. 15,000 to 25,000

Renting: 100 to 150 per day


Camping mattress:

Rs. 350 - 2200


Down Sleeping bag, extra-long size for tall person:

New Shonas: Rs. 9000 to 9500

New Everest Hardware: 14,000 to 25,000

Used Imported: 7000 to 20,000

New Imported: 51,000 to 55,500

Renting: 100 to 300 per day


Crampon (Grivel G-12 or Camp Aluminium LC 480, or similar):

Used Price (medium quality): Rs. 5000 to 8000 

New Price:13,000 to 16,000

Renting: 50 to 120 per day



Used Price (medium quality): 1500 to 3500

New Price: 4500 to 5500

Renting: 45 to 150 per day


Ice Axe

Used Price (medium quality): 1500 to 5000

New Price: 9000

Renting: 60 to 150 per day



Used Price (medium quality): 2000 to 5000

New Price: 4500 to 6500 (Black Diamond, Petzl)

Renting: 100 to 130 per day


Plastic Double Climbing boots:

Used Price: 8000 to 11,000

New Price: 20,000 - 35,000

Renting: 100 to 180 per day


Lightweight leather trekking boot:

Used Price: 3000 to 10,000

New Price: 5500 to 28,000 (Coleman, Millet, Crispi)


Goretex jacket:

Used Price: 2000 to 10,000

New price: 3500 to 27,000

Medium-large rucksack:

Used Price: 1500 to 5000

New Price: Rs. 6500 to 20,00

Renting: 45 to 100 per day


Glacier sunglasses:

Used Price: 1500 to 3000

New Price: Rs. 4500 to 8000


Ski goggles:

Used Price: 1500 to 4000

New Price: Rs. 6000 to 8500


Gloves and Mittens:

Used Price: 3000 to 5000 (hard to find)

New Price: 9000 to 9500

Mountain Hardware mittens : Rs 10,999 to 13,000

Black Diamond mittens : Rs 8,760 to 9,500

Shona mittens (locally manufactured down) : Rs. 3,900


Head Lamps:

Used Price: 600 to 2000

New Price: 3500


There are so many shops in Kathmandu, you will find almost everything you need.


Let us know your thoughts on this. Hope to hear from you soon.




Todd and Janet

Climbing Gear

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