Expeditions by Janet Belarmino

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Belarmino Ventures-

Cerro Aconcagua

Length: 23 days

Price: US$4,700 + permit for 4 climbers

US$5,500 plus  permit for a group of 2/3 climbers

Deposit: US$1,000

Date December  1st 2015

You are most welcome to get in touch so we can suggest the exact dates to help facilitate your logistical planning and training.

Itinerary and Route:

Day 1-3: Mendoza

Day4: Drive to los Penitentes, trekking begins

Day 5-20: Climbing

Day 21-22: Begin to trek out, drive to Mendoza

Day 23: Mendoza. Closing


Depending at the conditions, we will approach and climb a few peaks en route to the base of Cerro Aconcagua. There are many lesser known high peaks in Aconcagua Provincial Park we could explore for acclimatization sake.


The permit fee is extra at US$750(%3500pesos) for low season US$950 ($4500) for mid season or US$1,200 ($5700) during high season, payable  Mendoza prior to departing at the ministry of Tourism Office

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