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Palawan  Is land  hopping  from  El Nido  to  Coron  &  Himalayan Expeditions

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Important Steps:


1. If you have any interest or intention of being on this adventure, email Janet immediately, belarminoventures@gmail.com  or fill in the form below and get placed on the list. This is not a commitment, simply an indication of interest and I get back to you to answer any questions you may have.

2.   Once your application is accepted a non-refundable deposit of $350 will hold your space. If you choose a single payment option you may deduct $100 off the total …

3.  2nd Payment of 50% of the balance fee owing must be received by November 31, 2013 to secure your reservations during the peak climbing season.

4.   3rd and final payment is due and must be received upon your arrival in Nepal (balance owing).

Please note – no refunds can be given after March 5, 2014 since the Nepalese permit agencies require payment up front and will have expended fees on permits, bookings, porters and other preparations (if you are unable to go and have made payments you may replace yourself if the exchange person has the fitness level to keep up).

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