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Palawan  Is land  hopping  from  El Nido  to  Coron  &  Himalayan Expeditions

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Quotes We got to spend a few days with Todd, Janet, little cutie Amihan and their lovely staff onboard. What a journey, we experienced real calmness sailing all alone amongst beautiful islands. We went snorkelling above shipwrecks, swimming in secret lagoons, paddling around in a little banka, we visited a remote village and took a bushwalk to a waterfall. Got served great food & fresh fruits. Sleeping in tents on the beach is the cosiest thing I can imagine, watching lovely sunsets from Robinson Crusoe-islands. And what's best of all- The HOSPITALITY- all the amazing stories Todd and Janet shared with us. We felt really welcome. Thank you <3 Quotes
Jannike & Karl
Lucky Couple

Quotes After meeting, Janet, Todd and Himalaya in the christmas holiday, i went sailing with them around the south side off palawan, and after that the way up to busuanga, it has been an adventure of my life. i went sailing with them for about a month ( i think ) and those people really made me feel like part off their family, and what amazing stories they have. Our journey was both wonderfull but also tough some times, but without the tough part it would just have been a cruise and that was not what i was looking for. I also learned alot about sailing on my jouney with them, and as a complete rookie like me, in sailing, that just made the journey even better. It is for sure not the last time i meet up with those people again. p.s. that anker is heavy Todd :) Best regards Peter. Quotes
Peter Denmark

Quotes Sometimes in life good things happen and meeting Janet, H and Todd are one of those moments. The only thing I can say is thank you guys. Sami Quotes

Quotes WOW!! Had a bit of time and went to the Philippines w/o expectations. And lucky me met with H, Janet and Todd. Here are the contact details if you want to meet these guys: http://belarminoventures.webs.com If you want to do the typical tourist thing, like snorkelling in a boarded ?gage? ? dont bother ? but if you want something to talk about then check them out. Absolutely fantastic. -S- Quotes

Quotes Our inebriated snoozing holiday in the sun was unexpectedly transferred into a sailing adventure after we stumbled on Todd and Janet last Christmas. What a positive coincidence it was. We sailed west coast of Palawan from Port Barton down to Sabang, staying overnights at unspoiled coves and beaches at rustic fishing villages. Days filled with sailing under tropical sun in a gentle breeze and stopping over to snorkel interesting looking reefs and nights spent underneath a pincushion sky gazing at the Milky Way was truly unforgettable experience. I would say that forget those crowded, overrated tourist spots in Palawan and put some action in your holiday. Time on board S/Y Spirit of Adventure and staying in with locals in rudimentary conditions was so much more giving than drowsing out at some beach resort. T and J are cheerful hosts and they know local waters and villages so well and tell about those with so much passion that it?s really a wonderful experience. Jukka P, Taipei Quotes
Jukka P.

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Green History

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